Creative Excellence Award at Banff Mountain Film Festival

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From Banff Mountain Film Festival jury member, Ciaran Flannery:

“Your protagonists are a pair of surfers. Your set pieces are the rocks, waves, and raw nature of Iceland. And your antagonist is visceral yet unseen – the unpredictable and relentless North Atlantic Wind. So what can a filmmaker do when he cannot control, much less visually capture a tempermental star? The filmmaker truly breaks new ground in creative achievement. He gets the wind drunk.”

Our heads are still spinning with The Accord winning this award! We never thought such a small, passion project type film could make it into Banff, let alone win an award. We’d like to sincerely thank the jury and staff at Banff and everyone who’s supported this film along the way. Thank you!

Official Selection Banff Mountain Film Festival

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Last time we checked in, The Accord was about to world premiere at Telluride MountainFilm.

Fast-forward through a crazy 6 months and here we are. It’s truly a dream come true – this is something we’ve wanted to say for a long time, our film is an Official Selection of Banff Mountain Film Festival. Director RC Cone is headed there in a couple short weeks, so if you’re around – please say hello!

Secondly, we never thought The Accord would go this far! We’ve been lucky enough to win multiple awards for the short film, including:

  • Best Short – Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival
  • Best Short – Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography – Berlin Surf Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography – Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival
  • Best Soundtrack – Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival

We are humbled, we never thought a silly, fun film like The Accord could get this kind of attention. We’d like to thank everyone for including us in their programs for 2016.

The Accord on MountainFilm World Tour + More.

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This summer flew by. Wow. So many fun projects in the works. We wanted to update you with the some festival showing updates with The Accord.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.34.54 PM

First, we couldn’t be more excited to be featured on the MountainFilm tour. There are so many showings, it’s hard to fathom. Check the schedule here!

Second, there’s a whole host of other showing happening around the world. We’re keeping those updated on The Accord’s Facebook event page. Stay tuned for more!

Some notable festivals: The Bristol Surf Film Festival (Heidar will be attending!) and the Hebrides International Film Festival. Can’t wait!

Corporate Video is Broken, let’s fix it together.

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At Tributaries, we mainly work with an aspirational audience – surfers, fly fishermen, people who chase their passions. From our experience, we know our audience is enthralled when they get to the core of a brand, of a story, of an adventure. Corporate videos are a homogenized world, we want to take your audience a step deeper into who your company is, what it stands for.

Whether it’s telling your brand story to investors or customers, highlighting your product or service advantages, or building employee profiles to strengthen your corporate culture – we can help tell a story that’s engaging, interesting and fun.
Our goal in this web series is to tell the unique stories within the company in order to create an authentic connection with our customers. Instead of any other product interaction by our audience, we want our people to feel as if they’re inviting an old friend into their home, sincerely connect.

Furthermore, telling the stories of your team-members not only shows the public how important they are, but also demonstrates the importance internally.

The Accord World Premiere @ Telluride MountainFilm Festival

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Some experiences can’t be explained.


We are still in disbelief that we were privileged enough to show The Accord at three screenings at the Telluride MountainFilm Festival. Not only did we see some incredible films, the greatest part of the festival was meeting so many incredible people. Drinking tequila with award-winning directors goes down in history as one of the stronger experiences in our lives. If you’ve never been to MountainFIlm, it’s highly recommended. Stay tuned as we add more and more screenings for The Accord.

A New Frankenstein-ed Editing Process

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The only thing that matters is what works in post-production.


Now that we’re on our 4th film, we’ve come to a good understanding of the common bottle-necks and issues faced in the cutting room when working on our outdoor documentaries. There is a ridiculous amount of footage when shooting these things! And more often than not, there isn’t a script to cut from. So walking out of production into post, there was always this ominous feeling of having a LARGE elephant in the room (namely TB’s on TB’s of raw footage on hard drives).

Even though we’re a small team, we like to have our footage logged. It’s crucial to have access to every fish that’s caught or every select surf shot that exists on our drives – it makes editing an actual pleasure instead of always digging. Also, simply watching footage surfaces those tiny moments that you might miss or forget where they are. As far as we’re concerned: Logging is the answer!

Therein lies the problem: I have yet to see a great logging system. We’ve seen production houses use spreadsheets, we’ve seen (and we’re very unenthused by) the native logging system in FCP7, we’ve even cut two of our films using the uber-clunky Adobe Prelude, and we’ll talk more about that in a minute, but, if logging is the answer, why doesn’t the boss of logging software exist?

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January 2016 Update – Icelandic Surf Film, These Are Our Stories, Salmon Sessions

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A new film about Icelandic surf culture.

“Here’s the thing, growing up in Iceland, the reality of it is so different. It’s a harsh place. There’s no surf shops. There’s no guidebooks or webcams. We’re on own out here.”

These are the first few lines from our newest passion project with the working title: Surf Saga. In the fall, we spent 40+ days over two trips adventuring around Iceland, standing in the cold filming Iceland’s first professional surfer, Heidar Logi Eliasson. From all the media that comes out of Iceland, it’s very Euro or American centric – we wanted to tell the story of authentic Icelandic surfers and their culture because it’s never been told before. Luckily, and as Icelander’s are known for, we’re doing this differently than any other adventure documentary we’ve ever seen. We’re bringing in an antagonist/protagonist relationship, multiple narrative elements and avoiding the typical all surf, no story mentality.

We are deep in post-production and should be finishing up everything for a year of festival screenings over 2016 into 2017. In the meantime, check out some pictures here and here.



These Are Our Stories.
Corporate, commercial work is supposed to be boring. Luckily, we have clients like Bob’s Heating and Air-Conditioning who are willing to try something new and who understand the power of cinema.

Vern, the owner and CEO of Bob’s came to me with an idea. He knew he had a great product but he also knew the best part of his company is his diverse array of amazing employees. He wanted to make them look like the rock stars they are, he wanted their important stories told and felt. From this idea, we at TDC came up with the idea for These Are Our Stories. A short, documentary approach to talking about Bob’s employees and their amazing lives. From a Seattleite, to a recent Iranian immigrant to a BASE jumper – there were some amazing stories to tell. Watch the 6-part web series over on our website.


Salmon Sessions with Eleven Experience.

In our first trip of 2015 to Iceland (out of three!) we were lucky enough to go fishing with the Eleven crew. This is the first video of many and we’re excited to share more. I’ve never met a company so focused and passionate about amazing experiences and, further, their deep commitment to conservation is something the entire crew at Tributaries can stand behind. We’re excited to continue our relationship with Eleven into 2016 but for now, check out some of the all-time fishing action that went down last summer here.


Surf Saga Short Film Round II

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We went to Iceland for the month of November to put the finishing touches on production of our short surf film.

Here’s a few photos and stills from production. We’re planning on dropping the trailer for our Surf Saga project by February.


The beauty of surfing with Heidar, is that he will surf every available hour of shootable light. Below, not only are his hands and feet pruned, so is his tongue. He’s a boss.

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