The stories are never-ending.

Earlier this year, the Howler crew and Ambassadors headed down to Sayulita, Mexico for their latest pilgrimage to chase the sun. Anytime you bring group of people like this together, the stories are never-ending. We are happy to present The Sayulita Chronicles – a series of videos to share with you the sights, sounds, and adventures we found down on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

We basically had 3 days. Howler Bros wanted to sustain their Spring 2016 campaign after the initial Hero video and launch. We decided to go documentary. We collected as much footage and audio from this adventure as we possibly could to extend the trip into narratives. This three part series not only allows Howler’s audience to get to know their ambassadors like a friend, it’s also just plain fun! Tacos, surfing, partying, fishing – it makes us want to push the button on plane tickets to Mexico today.