We had the distinct pleasure of helping shoot three profiles for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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In July 2017, the Tributaries crew travelled to Europe for a non-stop week of production. We were happy to help NBC in directing the photography for three shoots. Above, Why Tina Weirather is sports royalty in Liechtenstein is a piece we shot in the mountains of Liechtenstein with Tina’s beautiful, custom built Harley.

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Austria’s Matthias Mayer is a hero in his homeland.  He also brought home a gold medal in the Men’s Super-G. Our favorite part of visiting Matthias, was the homegrown, local fan club of his – the man can’t walk down a rural street without a crowd.

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Last but definitely not least, Italy. We fell in love with Bergamo, Italy. Sofia Goggia not afraid to take risks to beat Lindsey Vonn. Sofia is a driven downhill flier, she is fun to watch race!

We are honored and humbled to have the smallest involvement in the Winter Olympics 2018. We’d especially like to thank Will at NBC for all the phone call and all the help.


From Sage Fly Fishing:

As passionate fly fishermen, we are equally as passionate about conserving the fisheries we use and love. Check out what our friend, and Sage ambassador, Gray Struznik is up to on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula; and please support your local conservation organizations. Through the support of healthy fisheries comes better fishing for all.


Directed by: RC Cone

Written and Narrated by: Miles Nolte

Cameras: Zane Clampett, Chris Kamman

Original Music by: RC Cone & Austin Trayser

Sound Design: Colter Olmstead



Director RC Cone finds it “humbling” that someone like Rhea Scott pays attention to him. Scott, who has a track record of building directorial careers, is at the helm of production house Little Minx. She brought Cone into the company fold, drawn to his work, most notably The Accord, a documentary-style short about surfers in Iceland who brave the North Atlantic wind—personified by Cone as a temperamental drunk—to find good waves. Their relentless battle against the elements pays off when the wind cooperates and they find the perfect waves, captured by epic drone footage shot by Cone himself.

Read the full article here.


In our second installment of the Find Your Water series, we go to LA for some less-than-typical fishing. Mako sharks casually swimming to the boat, the LA river is an experience unto itself (it smelled pretty bad) and fishing under the harbor lights helped the Tributaries crew (and hopefully everyone else) see what’s possible fly fishing.

From Redington:

Fly fishing adventures don’t have to take place in far-flung, never-been-fished, exotic locales. Sometimes a train ticket, a few crazy friends, and 24 hours are all you need.

Buy the ticket. Take the ride. #findyourwater


Starring: Bobby Harrison, Matus Sobolic, Rich Baldonado, Jeremi Hough, Jay Beebe

Director: RC Cone

Writer: Miles Nolte & RC Cone

Cinematographers: Zane Clampett, Chris Kamman, RC Cone

Edited by: RC Cone, Zane Clampett

Audio Supervisor: Colter Olmstead



“I’m the same as the next guy on the river. I am a fly fisherman”

We’ve partnered with Redington to take the helm of their storytelling series, Find Your Water. Now in it’s third season, Find Your Water brings the unique places and culture of fly fishing to the screen.

For this episode, we wanted to tell a story that’s not only relevant, but in our backyard – a story we can truly get behind as Montana filmmakers. Listening to other perspectives is more important than ever right now, even in something as serene and stress-relieving as fly fishing. Rich Schwend, Ty Malia and Joey Malia are all born and raised Montanans that love fly fishing more than anything, but deeply feel the contradiction that comes with living in a pre-dominantly blue collar town where resource extraction is the primary economic driver. This story aims to explore that contradiction and hopefully unite the fly fishing around an issue we all love dearly: Our Water.

Starring: Rich Schwend, Ty Malia, Joey Malia

Director: RC Cone

Writer: Miles Nolte

Cinematographers: Zane Clampett, Chris Kamman, Reid Morth, RC Cone

Edited by: RC Cone, Zane Clampett

Audio Supervisor: Colter Olmstead




From Banff Mountain Film Festival jury member, Ciaran Flannery:

“Your protagonists are a pair of surfers. Your set pieces are the rocks, waves, and raw nature of Iceland. And your antagonist is visceral yet unseen – the unpredictable and relentless North Atlantic Wind. So what can a filmmaker do when he cannot control, much less visually capture a tempermental star? The filmmaker truly breaks new ground in creative achievement. He gets the wind drunk.”

Our heads are still spinning with The Accord winning this award! We never thought such a small, passion project type film could make it into Banff, let alone win an award. We’d like to sincerely thank the jury and staff at Banff and everyone who’s supported this film along the way. Thank you!


Last time we checked in, The Accord was about to world premiere at Telluride MountainFilm.

Fast-forward through a crazy 6 months and here we are. It’s truly a dream come true – this is something we’ve wanted to say for a long time, our film is an Official Selection of Banff Mountain Film Festival. Director RC Cone is headed there in a couple short weeks, so if you’re around – please say hello!

Secondly, we never thought The Accord would go this far! We’ve been lucky enough to win multiple awards for the short film, including:

  • Best Short – Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival
  • Best Short – Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography – Berlin Surf Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography – Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival
  • Best Soundtrack – Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival

We are humbled, we never thought a silly, fun film like The Accord could get this kind of attention. We’d like to thank everyone for including us in their programs for 2016.


It’s the best job, but it’s not easy.

Patrick Duke is a dialed-in fishing guide. He easily spends everyday of his Spring and Summer on the water. Long days, lots of clients, a million fixed tangles – Patrick says himself, it starts to feel like a blur. Taking Patrick’s feeling and his predilection to Heeding The Call – we collaboratively wrote how Patrick felt finally getting to the end of his season and heading into Fall – It’s not the end, it’s the beginning.

From Howler Bros:

The “Season” is the most critical time of year for guides. It’s typically when the fishing is best, the clients arrive eager, and the guides make the lion’s share of their income. Although it can vary based on geography, target species and the elements, one thing holds true no matter the guide in question: it is a LOT of work. And when the Season draws to a close, guides have a chance to cut loose and have some fun of their own.

Howler Ambassador and Colorado fishing guide, Patrick Duke, guided 103 float trips in 107 days during his 2016 Season. After grinding through countless put-ins, take-outs, anchor drops, tangles, knots, hook-ups and releases, he takes advantage of his newfound liberty to blow off some steam with amigos. Rest assured he also has some personal fishing trips lined up to exotic places like Bolivia, Mexico, and some secret locales we can’t disclose. Heeding his own call after putting in the work. For Patrick, the arrival of Fall is not the end…it’s The Beginning.

Music: “Bring It On Home” by Kaleigh Baker