We are proud to officially announce our partnership with SWOON.

Based in New York City, Ramon J. Goni and crew (you can read more about them on our team page) are an incredible group of people to work with. There’s many reasons why we’re collaborating and working together on projects, but most importantly we want to bring the worlds of fashion and the outdoor world together. We see an amazing opportunity to combine our talents and audiences to create something new. Here at TDC, we believe, the more people that are thinking about the forests, rivers and wilderness in general – the more apt they are to protect and speak out for those things. Another important reason on the collaboration is that we, in Montana, are now able to scale production to any size with the help of Swoon. Our direct access to the filmmaking culture in NYC is an absolute benefit.

We’re excited to see what the future holds in this new collaboration, to show off some our combined work we cut an outdoors reel, check it out above.