“I’m the same as the next guy on the river. I am a fly fisherman”

We’ve partnered with Redington to take the helm of their storytelling series, Find Your Water. Now in it’s third season, Find Your Water brings the unique places and culture of fly fishing to the screen.

For this episode, we wanted to tell a story that’s not only relevant, but in our backyard – a story we can truly get behind as Montana filmmakers. Listening to other perspectives is more important than ever right now, even in something as serene and stress-relieving as fly fishing. Rich Schwend, Ty Malia and Joey Malia are all born and raised Montanans that love fly fishing more than anything, but deeply feel the contradiction that comes with living in a pre-dominantly blue collar town where resource extraction is the primary economic driver. This story aims to explore that contradiction and hopefully unite the fly fishing around an issue we all love dearly: Our Water.

Starring: Rich Schwend, Ty Malia, Joey Malia

Director: RC Cone

Writer: Miles Nolte

Cinematographers: Zane Clampett, Chris Kamman, Reid Morth, RC Cone

Edited by: RC Cone, Zane Clampett

Audio Supervisor: Colter Olmstead