This was a dream project for us.

Not only did we get to work with some of the countries best conservationists, the staff at The Nature Conversancy, but we were also privileged to experience the incredible landscape of the Adirondack mountains.

The Nature Conservancy has deemed proper culverts as an important element in preserving and taking care of the ADK’s multitude of waterways. They wanted help in telling the story in how important these culverts are for not only fish reproduction and clean water but also for flood prevention, an issue that has affected many residents of the Adirondacks area.

Under the fantastic direction of Kirk Sullivan at General Malaise Productions, we helped to direct the photographic look of the piece. A collection of aerials and movement through waterways were some of our favorite scenes that we pulled from a fly-fishing bag of tricks. This is what Tributaries Digital Cinema is all about.