It’s the best job, but it’s not easy.

Patrick Duke is a dialed-in fishing guide. He easily spends everyday of his Spring and Summer on the water. Long days, lots of clients, a million fixed tangles – Patrick says himself, it starts to feel like a blur. Taking Patrick’s feeling and his predilection to Heeding The Call – we collaboratively wrote how Patrick felt finally getting to the end of his season and heading into Fall – It’s not the end, it’s the beginning.

From Howler Bros:

The “Season” is the most critical time of year for guides. It’s typically when the fishing is best, the clients arrive eager, and the guides make the lion’s share of their income. Although it can vary based on geography, target species and the elements, one thing holds true no matter the guide in question: it is a LOT of work. And when the Season draws to a close, guides have a chance to cut loose and have some fun of their own.

Howler Ambassador and Colorado fishing guide, Patrick Duke, guided 103 float trips in 107 days during his 2016 Season. After grinding through countless put-ins, take-outs, anchor drops, tangles, knots, hook-ups and releases, he takes advantage of his newfound liberty to blow off some steam with amigos. Rest assured he also has some personal fishing trips lined up to exotic places like Bolivia, Mexico, and some secret locales we can’t disclose. Heeding his own call after putting in the work. For Patrick, the arrival of Fall is not the end…it’s The Beginning.

Music: “Bring It On Home” by Kaleigh Baker