Heed the Call.

This is our third year working with the legends over at Howler Bros. It’s amazing that we at Tributaries have had the privilege to hone skills and grow our companies right next to each other over the past few years. We love watching the Howler boys take-off in the industry, as their ethos of having fun is something we can stand behind.

For the second year in a row, we went to Mexico. This time on the Pacific side in a sleepy little surf town called Sayulita. Having talent such as long-boarder Kameron Brown and angler Patrick Duke makes these shoots a blast. Surfing one day, fishing the other, followed by tacos and the unexpected van malfunction – adventure is in these guys’ blood. And we love it.

Over a short week, Howler Bros and Tributaries collaborated on creating stories that support the Howler brand. Showing off their new designs in action, in the water is something very important to these guys – their gear is supposed to be used! At Tributaries, we used our RED camera, a Ronin stabilizer rig, our Drone, HAL 9001, and a whole other assortment of goodies to keep the action, talent and product moving.

We are currently working on a whole host of stories to keep a sustained digital campaign going for the Howler boys. Stay tuned as we release more moments from their adventure. Heed the call!

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