In our second installment of the Find Your Water series, we go to LA for some less-than-typical fishing. Mako sharks casually swimming to the boat, the LA river is an experience unto itself (it smelled pretty bad) and fishing under the harbor lights helped the Tributaries crew (and hopefully everyone else) see what’s possible fly fishing.

From Redington:

Fly fishing adventures don’t have to take place in far-flung, never-been-fished, exotic locales. Sometimes a train ticket, a few crazy friends, and 24 hours are all you need.

Buy the ticket. Take the ride. #findyourwater


Starring: Bobby Harrison, Matus Sobolic, Rich Baldonado, Jeremi Hough, Jay Beebe

Director: RC Cone

Writer: Miles Nolte & RC Cone

Cinematographers: Zane Clampett, Chris Kamman, RC Cone

Edited by: RC Cone, Zane Clampett

Audio Supervisor: Colter Olmstead